For Love of Life

A series of TV programs (25 min. each), co-produced in Spanish by VHI (Human Life International’s Hispanic Division) and EWTN (Mother Angelica’s Catholic TV Station).

Program I: Introduction to the series. The Culture of Life vs. the “Culture” of Death.
SPAV5 - $6

Set 1: Program II: The Miracle of Unborn Human Life. Program #III: Abortion and its Physical Consequences for Women.
SPAV1 - $8

SET 2: Program IV: Post-Abortion Syndrome. Program V: Post-Abortion Healing and Reconciliation.
SPAV2 - $8

Program VI: The Abortion Industry in the United States.
SPAV6 - $6

SET 3:
Program VII: How to Defend Life (Part I). Program VIII: How to Defend Life (Part II).
SPAV3 - $8

Program IX: Abortion Survivors.
SPAV7 - $6

Program X: Abortifacient Contraceptives.
SPAV8 - $6

SET 4: Program XI: Promoters of the “Culture” of Death (Part I). Program XII: Promoters of the “Culture” of Death (Part II).
SPAV4 - $8

Program XIII: Summary of the Series. A Call To Build the Culture of Life.
SPAV9 - $6

Set of 13 programs:
SPAV13 - $55

Nota: Los programas que son una serie no se venden individualmente.

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