Post Abortion

videosRealidad y esperanza frente al aborto (Hope after abortion) Powerful testimonies by aborted women about abortion’s aftereffects.
DVD (30 min.)     AV113-A - $7

videosEl arrepentimiento de una madre. (A mother’s regret). Moving testimony of a woman who aborted years ago; includes a call to pro-life action.
DVD (8 min.)    AV114-A - $5

videosDefiende la vida. (Defend Life). An excellent TV series filmed by VHI and EWTN titled: 1. La maravilla de la vida humana (The wonder of human life). 2. Ataques a la vida humana (Attacks on human life). 3. Construyamos la cultura de la vida (Let’s build the culture of life).
DVD (Aprox. 3 hours.)     AV115A - $10

videosLa decisión de Christi. (Christi’s choice).A mother tells the story of her 18 yr. old daughter, who was left in a vegetative state because of a so-called “safe legal abortion”. Bilingual, Spanish/English.
DVD (5 min.)     AV116A - $5

videosDecisión de vida. (A Choice for life). Documentary with eminent scientific and ethical commentaries, which raise awareness of the value of human life from the moment of conception.
DVD (10 min.)     AV117A - $7

videosEl canto de Raquel (Rachel’s Song) Beautiful post-abortion healing song.
CD     AV 118-BC - $3

videosEl canto de Raquel (Rachel’s Song) Beautiful post-abortion healing song.

DVD         AVV-118-A- $5

videosMujeres que abortaron comparten su historia. (Aborted Women Speak Out) Post Abortion Testimonies.
DVD     AV 121-A - $5

videosQueridos hijos (Dear Children). The journey of a post abortive woman toward the love and forgiveness of God.
DVD (30 min.)     AV109-A - $12
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