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Acción por la Vida y la Familia
Dr. Oscar Botta, President and Founder
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Human Life International's Representative in Argentina

Acción por la Vida y la Familia (Action for Life and Family), is a non-profit organization that was born out of a need to organize, convene and promote the pro-life message on a national level. Its principles are the defense of human life from conception to natural death; the defense of the family founded in the indissoluble union between a man a woman in marriage, who have the right and the obligation to educate their children in their values; to alert and inform about the grave effects of contraception and its abortifacient nature in all its forms and its terrible consequences for marriage, the family and society. These principles are ordained according to the precepts of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Acción por la Vida y la Familia activities include the distribution of educational materials; talks, conferences and seminars about all the life issues; and, biological and demographic research to aid in the promotion of social politics that favor women, unborn children and families.

Other Organizations affiliated with Human Life International

Asociación Pro Familia
Humberto 1° 656 - CP1103 
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel./Fax: (54-11) 4362-1197
& (54-11) 4361-3044
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For almost three decades, Asociación Pro Familia (Pro Family Association) has been dedicated to defending life and family and promoting the values that distinguish human beings from all other creatures. It defends human life from conception to natural death and the family as the fundamental unit of society. Pro Familia's activities include the distribution of brochures, books and videos, and the maintenance of Hogar Nazareth, a home for mothers and children, and a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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Educational Resources

educational materials in Spanish

VHI offers a great deal of educational materials in Spanish which include audio and videotapes, books, brochures, posters, cards, etc.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC's), Respect Life offices, pro-life groups/leaders, priests, teachers, etc. request these materials, which for the most part are donated during conferences and other pro-life events, as well as to new CPC's and pro-life organizations. You can view some of these materials and order them from VHI's English language catalog.

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Parnerships for Life: A Life-Saving Program

By Lourdes Delgado and Magaly Llaguno


During a conference organized by Vida Humana Internacional - Human Life International's Hispanic pision - Lic. Jorge Serrano Limón, who at that time was the president of Mexico's Comite Nacional Pro Vida (National Pro-Life Committee), met Laura Nelson, the founder in the U.S. of a crisis pregnancy center for women considering abortion.

When Jorge Serrano learned about the work that Laura was doing, he invited her to the First International Pro-Life Conference in Mexico, and asked her to train members of the Comite Nacional Pro Vida, in order to create in Mexico a crisis pregnancy center as a response to the problem of abortion.


On August 15, 1989, the first "Centro de Ayuda a la Mujer" (crisis pregnancy center -CPC) was established in Mexico City. Thanks be to God, the hard work of all the collaborators and the help of the donors, there are now 39 CPC's throughout the country, where 40,696 women have been helped, most of which have decided not to abort but to continue with their pregnancy instead. The CPC's have ads in 4 newspapers, 3 magazines, the Yellow Pages, the City of Mexico Subway System and in pharmacies. They serve as centers for both pre and postabortion counseling, and many also counsel victims of domestic violence.

In Mexico, like in the majority of Latin American countries, abortion is not legal and pro-lifers are working hard to keep it so. However, many illegal abortions are done, which are due to the lack of knowledge by women, their family or friends, where it concerns their physical and psychological consequences. We are convinced that if a woman is listened to, loved and helped, she will not abort. This is the reason why we want to continue in Latin America, the work started in Mexico. Although in many countries in that continent people work hard in defense of life, there are few or no CPC's at all.


A network created for Latin America and The Caribbean called "Red de Ayuda a la Mujer Latinoamericana" (Aid to Women Network in Latin America) has been established, by Mexico's Comite Nacional Pro Vida and Vida Humana Internacional. Its purpose it is to open CPC's throughout Latin America, where they are desperately needed, as well as to provide training, materials and funding to existing ones.

The first CPC established by the Red with the help of Vida Humana Internacional was opened in Venezuela in December of 2003. But this is only the first step in a very long and arduous journey. Because the need is so great, VHI created the "Partnerships for Life" Program, whose purpose it is to find "sister centers" (CPC's) in affluent countries, to help CPC's in the developing countries. The idea of "Partnerships for Life" is a counter effort to Planned Parenthood's "Global Partners" program in Latin America, which provides funding, training and materials to its "sister" organizations.


In this globalized world in which news arrive in an instant in far away countries, the culture of death is becoming more and more prevalent. Bigger, more efficient and well funded networks have been established by the culture of death organizations. Those of us who promote and defend life cannot continue to lag far behind. With God's grace and our profesional experience, we must continue to not only fight abortion, but also give a positive alternative. More CPC's are urgently needed throughout the Hispanic countries of this hemisphere, so that more lives and souls can be saved and so that abortion will continue to be illegal.

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Help for women considering abortion

VHI and Provida Hermosillo (Mexico) collaborated in offering a special service via Internet, to women facing a crisis pregnancy: Consejeros en Línea (Online counselors). VHI provided volunteers in a number of Hispanic countries and in the U.S., who are helping women considering abortion to choose life for their unborn baby instead. The volunteers are experienced pro-life leaders in their own country. VHI also offers a section in its website with information about crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America and Spain.

In its special section "¿Embarazada?" for women considering abortion, VHI offers other valuable information too, including links to information on the development of unborn babiesabortion and its physical and psychologicalconsequences, a videotaped post-abortion testimony, links to crisis pregnancy centersadoption, etc.

In its new videos website www.derechoalavida.org , VHI offers videos that show the reality of abortionpost-abortion testimonies, natural family planning testimonies and information, etc.


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Affiliated Organizations

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HLI’s Affiliates

Human Life International is engaged in a worldwide mission to promote and defend the sanctity of life and family around the world, consistent with the teachings of the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

This mission can be most effectively accomplished by associating and affiliating with national or regional organizations that are willing and able to adopt HLI’s ministry vision, goals, and ethics, and to advance HLI’s mission in their countries.

The Role Of The Affiliate

By entering into affiliation with HLI, an organization is entering into a unique and special relationship. Both HLI and the associated charitable organization are agreeing to coordinate their efforts to better promote the sanctity of life and family values, and to fight the opposition to both. The goal of this association is to help facilitate the growth and outreach of the affiliate’s work in its country.

We respect and admire our affiliates for all they do. Only a heart filled with the love of God can accomplish so much with so little, for it is then that the will of God is done and great things happen.

Thank You To Our Donors

Our affiliates are very grateful for all the help they have received from HLI to carry out their life-saving work. This vital help has come from the generous support of HLI’s benefactors, who know how crucial HLI’s help is to these groups. We take this opportunity to express to all our benefactors the gratitude of our affiliates. They remain united in effort and prayer with you. Please pray for the success of their endeavors.

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Pro-Life/Family Networks and Coalitions

Globalization where it concerns international anti-life/ family policies which have damaging effects on life/ family by organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and its UNFPA (fund for population activities), as well as by IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation); demands coordinated action by the pro-life movement in all Hispanic countries, in order to achieve common goals.

VHI has established pro-life/ family networks and coalitions to disseminate information and encourage greater union and collaboration. With VHI's help, these groups exchange information, news and strategies; organize conferences and other events and collaborate in all possible ways.



Youth's Feast for Life, in Managua, Nicaragua




March against abortion in Nicaragua with 100,000 participants





Youth during the Respect For Life March in Nicaragua


March for Life in Spain


VHI collaborated with family pastoral activities in the Paraguayan Archdiocese


Pro-life/family prayer vigil in Paraguay



March against abortion in Mexico


Pro-life march in Mexico



Union and collaboration with the Paraguayan Bishops

Collaboration with Mexico against contraception, abortion and sterilization


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Electronic News Service in Spanish

VHI offers a bi-monthly e-mail news service free, which is being sent to thousands of subscribers, including Catholic and lay media, pro-life/ family leaders, bishops in the Hispanic countries and many others.
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Vida Humana Internacional organizes international, regional and national conferences. The speakers are renowned national and international leaders. Because of their professional and scientific knowledge, their experience, and their leadership in the defense and promotion of faith, life and the family, they help us to know the truth about the human person, his/her fundamental rights and imminent needs.

Gynecologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, family pastoral ministers, sociologists, pedagogues, attorneys, journalists, priests, philosophers and theologians, contribute to inform, educate and motivate the attendees of the conferences, to live and promote the Gospel of Life. The patrimony of faith is confirmed this way, by both science and righteous reason, without contradictions.

Some of VHI's conferences, or those in which VHI has participated are:


Speakers' panel during the Santa Clara (California) Conference

The Tenth World Conference on Love, Life and the Family, in April 1991, in Santa Clara, California, organized by Human Life International and its Hispanic Division, Vida Humana Internacional.



Leaders' presentation at the Conference in Puerto Rico, including HLI's president and the executive director of VHI


The Conference in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, in February 1992, (I Conference of Human Life International) with Asociación Pro Vida de Puerto Rico (Pro Life Association of Puerto Rico).


Press conference with Por-Life leaders, during the Puerto Rico Conference


Presentation about the evils of abortion, at the Medical Sciences Department, at the University of Puerto Rico, during the conference that took place in that city



International conference for Life and Family, Santo Domingo. The Apostolic Nuncio and Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo (center), with Mrs. Magaly Llaguno (VHI) and other church and country leaders


The Santo Domingo Conference, (International Conference for Life and Family) in March 1993, organized by VHI and the Bishops of that country. 


Entrance procession at the International Conference for Life and the Family in Chile, attended by 5,000 people


The Santiago de Chile Conference (I International Conference for Life and Family) in August 1994 with affiliate Movimiento Anónimo por la Vida (Anonymous Movement for Life), representative of VHI; 


Mass during the I Conference in Panama, May 1996, with Bishop Darien, Mons. Romulo Emiliani and Panama's Archbishop, Mons. Jose Dimas Cedeno


The Panama Conferences (I and II Conferences in Defense of Life and the Family) in May 1996 and and in October 1999, with Fundación Ofrece un Hogar (Offer a Home Foundation) VHI affiliate and representative in Panama;


Speakers at the Panama Conference, among them were: Fr. Paul Marx, HLI founder, Mrs. Magaly Llaguno, VHI's Executive Director, the Director of Fundacion Ofrece un Hogar and other pro-life leaders




Training sessions for Hispanic pro-life/family leaders, in the U.S.


Human Life International Bilingual World Conference, in Houston, April 1998 (The Defense of Life in the Third Millennium);



Speakers' panel in one of the conferences in Lima, Peru, among them: the Apostolic Nuncio, the local bishop, and pro-life leaders like Dr. Blanca Neira and Mrs. Magaly Llaguno (VHI)


The Lima Conference, in May of the same year, with VHI's affiliate and representative in Peru: CEPROFARENA (International Conference for the Defense of Life and the National Conference of Natural Family Planning);



VHI members with several affiliates from various Latin American countries, during the training sessions on For-life leadership for youth, that took place in Mexico City, January 1999, when the Holy Father visited that country


The Youth Training Conference, in Mexico City, January 1999, organized by our collaborator National Pro-Life Committee of Mexico and other pro-life groups;




Organizers of the Guadalajara Conference: Magaly Llaguno (VHI), Dr. Marichui Martinez, Dr. Paco Martinez and H.E. Juan Cardinal Sandoval Iniguez, Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, September 1997


Two international conferences in Guadalajara, Mexico, September 1997 and in 2000, with the National Pro Life Committee (International Conferences on Love, Life and the Family);

Volunteers in the Guadalajara Conference, in Jalisco, Mexico




Guadalajara youth serenading HLI's founder Fr. Paul Marx





Organizers and leaders in the Paraguay Conference


The national and archdiocesan Conference in Paraguay, (Conference for Life and Family) organized by VHI and SEAVI (Service, Love and Life), affiliate and representative of VHI, in July 2000;



Pro-life leaders and speakers that attended Miami's bilingual conference, February 2001

Archbishop Favalora talks to the attendees at the Miami Conference


In Mexicali, Baja California, March 2001, with the Pro-Life Union of groups in México (Life and Family: Marvel of Love);


Mexico's Pro Life Groups Coalition that attended the Mexicali Conference



In La Guaira, Venezuela, with Volunteers For Life and the Vargas Alliance for Life and Family (Pro Life and Pro Family Interstate Encounter), in June 2001.


VHI's English and Spanish Websites

Vida Humana Internacional (VHI) offers you its website in Spanish at www.vidahumana.org, where you will find information on more than 20 issues, which includes over 1000 pages about life, family, events, services and much more. It receives more than 400,000 visits per month.

VHI's website has a great library that contains trustworthy and well documented information that you can use for talks, conferences, and research that is faithful to the truth about modern issues, according to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

Vida Humana Internacional offers you many links as other information sources that will provide you with even more knowledge, within an information network.

Events, world and Hispanic news from the pro-life/family movement, VHI's educational resources catalog, and much more, are to be found in our website. We invite you to explore it.

VHI also offers a special website "just for the youth" at www.soloparajovenes.org. Click here to learn more about it.

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