Vida Humana Internacional organizes international, regional and national conferences. The speakers are renowned national and international leaders. Because of their professional and scientific knowledge, their experience, and their leadership in the defense and promotion of faith, life and the family, they help us to know the truth about the human person, his/her fundamental rights and imminent needs.

Gynecologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, family pastoral ministers, sociologists, pedagogues, attorneys, journalists, priests, philosophers and theologians, contribute to inform, educate and motivate the attendees of the conferences, to live and promote the Gospel of Life. The patrimony of faith is confirmed this way, by both science and righteous reason, without contradictions.

Some of VHI's conferences, or those in which VHI has participated are:


Speakers' panel during the Santa Clara (California) Conference

The Tenth World Conference on Love, Life and the Family, in April 1991, in Santa Clara, California, organized by Human Life International and its Hispanic Division, Vida Humana Internacional.



Leaders' presentation at the Conference in Puerto Rico, including HLI's president and the executive director of VHI


The Conference in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, in February 1992, (I Conference of Human Life International) with Asociación Pro Vida de Puerto Rico (Pro Life Association of Puerto Rico).


Press conference with Por-Life leaders, during the Puerto Rico Conference


Presentation about the evils of abortion, at the Medical Sciences Department, at the University of Puerto Rico, during the conference that took place in that city



International conference for Life and Family, Santo Domingo. The Apostolic Nuncio and Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo (center), with Mrs. Magaly Llaguno (VHI) and other church and country leaders


The Santo Domingo Conference, (International Conference for Life and Family) in March 1993, organized by VHI and the Bishops of that country. 


Entrance procession at the International Conference for Life and the Family in Chile, attended by 5,000 people


The Santiago de Chile Conference (I International Conference for Life and Family) in August 1994 with affiliate Movimiento Anónimo por la Vida (Anonymous Movement for Life), representative of VHI; 


Mass during the I Conference in Panama, May 1996, with Bishop Darien, Mons. Romulo Emiliani and Panama's Archbishop, Mons. Jose Dimas Cedeno


The Panama Conferences (I and II Conferences in Defense of Life and the Family) in May 1996 and and in October 1999, with Fundación Ofrece un Hogar (Offer a Home Foundation) VHI affiliate and representative in Panama;


Speakers at the Panama Conference, among them were: Fr. Paul Marx, HLI founder, Mrs. Magaly Llaguno, VHI's Executive Director, the Director of Fundacion Ofrece un Hogar and other pro-life leaders




Training sessions for Hispanic pro-life/family leaders, in the U.S.


Human Life International Bilingual World Conference, in Houston, April 1998 (The Defense of Life in the Third Millennium);



Speakers' panel in one of the conferences in Lima, Peru, among them: the Apostolic Nuncio, the local bishop, and pro-life leaders like Dr. Blanca Neira and Mrs. Magaly Llaguno (VHI)


The Lima Conference, in May of the same year, with VHI's affiliate and representative in Peru: CEPROFARENA (International Conference for the Defense of Life and the National Conference of Natural Family Planning);



VHI members with several affiliates from various Latin American countries, during the training sessions on For-life leadership for youth, that took place in Mexico City, January 1999, when the Holy Father visited that country


The Youth Training Conference, in Mexico City, January 1999, organized by our collaborator National Pro-Life Committee of Mexico and other pro-life groups;




Organizers of the Guadalajara Conference: Magaly Llaguno (VHI), Dr. Marichui Martinez, Dr. Paco Martinez and H.E. Juan Cardinal Sandoval Iniguez, Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, September 1997


Two international conferences in Guadalajara, Mexico, September 1997 and in 2000, with the National Pro Life Committee (International Conferences on Love, Life and the Family);

Volunteers in the Guadalajara Conference, in Jalisco, Mexico




Guadalajara youth serenading HLI's founder Fr. Paul Marx





Organizers and leaders in the Paraguay Conference


The national and archdiocesan Conference in Paraguay, (Conference for Life and Family) organized by VHI and SEAVI (Service, Love and Life), affiliate and representative of VHI, in July 2000;



Pro-life leaders and speakers that attended Miami's bilingual conference, February 2001

Archbishop Favalora talks to the attendees at the Miami Conference


In Mexicali, Baja California, March 2001, with the Pro-Life Union of groups in México (Life and Family: Marvel of Love);


Mexico's Pro Life Groups Coalition that attended the Mexicali Conference



In La Guaira, Venezuela, with Volunteers For Life and the Vargas Alliance for Life and Family (Pro Life and Pro Family Interstate Encounter), in June 2001.