Culture of Life Leadership Training Courses


Training sessions for Hispanic pro-life/family leaders, in the U.S.


Vida Humana Internacional provides courses for those who are dedicated or want to dedicate themselves to work pro-life and family, and those who are interested in knowing these issues and being educated in the culture of life and the pro-life and family movement. They will receive through these courses, the necessary training and information to understand the value of every human life and to know how to counteract the advances of the anti-life movement, through education, social services and a life of prayer.

VHI's Pro Life Training Manual which is used in the courses, sumarizes the essential scientific knowledge and the strategies and methods that give the best results for pro-life /family activities. The courses include the teachings of the Catholic Church on life / family issues.




Training sessions for pro-life / family leaders, in Paraguay


Because of HLI/VHI's work in Hispanic countries, many organizations have been established, which defend the right to life of all human beings and promote respect for life from conception. Life/family values are constantly being promoted by VHI by many different means, and as a result, the formation of new pro-life / family groups is being promoted and the existing groups are becoming even more efficient.


Training sessions in Colombia



Training sessions in Colombia


Training sessions for Centers of Aid to Women (CAM), in Mexico



Training for Centers of Aid to Women (CAM), in Mexico


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