Pro-Life/Family Networks and Coalitions


Globalization where it concerns international anti-life/ family policies which have damaging effects on life/ family by organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and its UNFPA (fund for population activities), as well as by IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation); demands coordinated action by the pro-life movement in all Hispanic countries, in order to achieve common goals.

VHI has established pro-life/ family networks and coalitions to disseminate information and encourage greater union and collaboration. With VHI's help, these groups exchange information, news and strategies; organize conferences and other events and collaborate in all possible ways.



Youth's Feast for Life, in Managua, Nicaragua




March against abortion in Nicaragua with 100,000 participants





Youth during the Respect For Life March in Nicaragua


March for Life in Spain


VHI collaborated with family pastoral activities in the Paraguayan Archdiocese


Pro-life/family prayer vigil in Paraguay



March against abortion in Mexico


Pro-life march in Mexico



Union and collaboration with the Paraguayan Bishops

Collaboration with Mexico against contraception, abortion and sterilization


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