There are over 48  million Hispanics in the U.S., most of whom are pro-life, mostly because of their Catholic culture. Yet they have the second highest abortion rate.   Yet most Hispanic women who abort really have no idea what that decision involves. Vida Humana Internacional (VHI) offers 3 websites in Spanish, where surfers can become informed and motivated where it concerns  the issues of life/family.


Hispanics are targeted by Planned Parenthood, which sets up its “abortion killing centers” in heavily Hispanic neighborhoods. VHI’s  main website  is www.vidahumana.org in Spanish, where you will find abundant information on this anti-life organization and its “parent”, the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Also about “dissenting” so-called Catholic organizations like “Catholics” for a Free Choice, now called Catholics for Choice,  and the International We Are Church Movement, which is active in Spain and other countries, and with which "Catholics for Choice" is collaborating.

In its entry page, www.vidahumana.org offers information on 29 pro-life/family topics


VHI also offers :

¿Embarazada y con problemas? : Pregnant and facing problems? Created for abortion minded women, so they can choose life, includes videos they can watch and access to online counselors

Ayuda postaborto : For women who have already aborted. It offers non-professional pro-life post-abortion volunteer counselors and videotaped testimonies.

Catalog : Excellent pro-life educational materials, including books, videos, posters, etc.

Online pro-life training courses : Created in order to motivate, inform and equip pro-life volunteers anywhere in the world, to get involved in defending life/family. At the end of the course students get a certificate. These are some of the issues the courses include: Abortion and its consequences; Contraception and natural family planning; Hedonistic sex "education" vs education for chastity; Euthasia and solidarity with the old and infirm; Experimentation with human embryos and therapeutic alternatives; Organizations and strategies of the "culture" of death. There you can pick between the course for Latin Americans and the one for U.S.Hispanics (available in English too).

Information about HLI/VHI affiliates: You simply click on the country name.

Donations: Please help VHI continue to do all this good work throughout the Hispanic world.

Enlaces – links : A very complete section, listed by countries and topics

Enlaces a centros de ayuda a la mujer embarazada en países hispanos : Links to crisis pregnancy centers in Hispanic countries

Para encontrar un centro de ayuda a la mujer embarazada en Estados Unidos: Find a crisis pregnancy center in the U.S.

Consejeros en linea : A website that offers volunteer non-professional pro-life online  counselors (including two priests) in several countries,  to help abortion minded women choose life. VHI helped start this service.

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