Videos on Abortion

videosEncuentro con los abortistas (Meet the Abortion Providers). . Testimonies of former abortion providers reveal the truth about the abortion industry in the U.S.
DVD (60 min.)     AV101-A - $10

videosAborto: En una hora (Abortion: In one hour).  Comprehensive report about the reality of abortion in the U.S. and its consequences.
DVD (60 min.)    AV102-A - $10

videosDura realidad (Hard Truth).Graphic scenes of aborted babies, pro-life demonstrators and police brutality against peaceful protesters.
DVD (20 min.)  AV104-A - $7

videosEl eclipse de la razón (The Eclipse of Reason). Horrifying scenes of a preborn baby being aborted. Testimonies of victims of abortion.
DVD (30 min.)     AV106-A - $7

videosSarah Smith: Sobreviviente al aborto (Sarah Smith: Abortion Survivor). 30 sec. TV spot, add information on your organization.
DVD     AV107-A - $5

videosLa Mano de Dios (The Hand of God). Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s testimony plus various scenes of intrauterine surgery. Includes testimonies of former abortionists.
DVD (45 min.)     AV110-A - $7

videosUna doctora explica los diversos procedimientos del aborto (A Doctor Explains Abortion). A concise explanation of various abortion procedures.
DVD (15 min.)     AV111-A - $12 

videosLa verdad sobre el aborto (Abortion: The Inside Story). . Shocking first-hand accounts from former abortion providers which refute the fallacy of "safe, legal abortion."
DVD (60 min.)    AV112-A - $7

videosBlood Money“El Negocio del Aborto”.(Blood Money “The Business of abortion”) .A documentary film that exposes the truth behind the holocaust of Abortion.Narrated by Alveda King.
DVD (80 min.)    AV 120-A - $12

videosÉsto es el Aborto (Abort 73 in Spanish). Horrifying scenes of aborted babies.
CD     AV 119-A - $5

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